Getting to Know Me

Welcome to my blog!

I would first like to introduce myself and tell you guys somethings about me. I am currently going to Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts Program here and I am currently working on my admission statement to get into social work next year! I am on the University cheerleading squad, cheering on almost all the teams the school has to offer. As well, I get to compete against all-star cheerleaders at inter-nation competitions. I am an active person all around, enjoying sports like hunting, fishing, basketball, snowboarding and soccer. I like a wide range of things. I always thought it was to boring to do only one thing, so I signed up to learn as much as I can take. Another little something about me that you would not guess by looking at me is that in the summers I work on the front line of production in a saw mill, Interfor. Working there is very hard due to the intense labour work we have to do but overall I enjoy myself because I know it is not forever and it is something very different from anything I have ever done.

Well there you have it, an introduction to who I am!

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