What is All-Star Cheer?

What is All-star Cheer?

Good question! Well let me tell you. All-star cheerleading takes being in a sport to a whole new level. These all-star cheerleaders do not cheer for teams they compete just like other sports do. You don’t see basketball players on the side lines cheering on a soccer team, do you? Well thats just it. When people think of cheerleading they think, sideline cheerleaders. The first question I get asked being a cheerleader is, “what sport do you cheer for?” Not many people realize that cheerleading has a whole other side to it.

All-star cheerleaders are attending from fifty to sixty hours of practice a week. With the amount of practices and competitions you have to attend, you could not work a full time job, trying to add a life to that,is hard enough. These girls train insane; they all want to be the best and look perfect because every flaw on the competition mat is a deduction. Having to be and look perfect all the time also take a toll on the girls. The amount of stress that comes with cheerleading is through the roof.

These all-star cheerleaders have to be able to perform different tumbling passes, like a round off, backhand-spring, back tuck, layout (I will explain and show what this is in blogs to come). These are different types of skills the girls and guys need to make an all-star team. They also need to be very flexible for the jump sequence in the routine, which is when you just up of the ground and do the splits in the air. Also, they need the strength. The strength is so important for both the tumbling and the jumping part but also for the stunting. The girls and guys on the team have to lift a flyer into the air, hold her there while she pulls different things like a heel stretch, or toss her into the air as high as possible. These flyers can be anywhere from eighty to one-hundred and thirty pounds. Doesn’t sound too simple anymore does it?

The tasks these all-star cheerleaders have to perform are a lot harder done than said. In further blogs I will explain and show you what tumbling, jumping, and stunting looks like for better understanding. You will get to see all-start teams and hopefully gain a better perspective on what the sport is really all about.

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