Looking Fabulous

In Cheerleading the idea of looking perfect leads us to think that if you look perfect than you will do perfect. We as Cheerleaders get asked all the time “why are you so done up?” or “if Cheerleading is a sport than why do you wear makeup?”

To us we truly believe if you look and feel great than all there is to worry about is doing good out on the mat in front of the crowd. Performing in front of massive crowds can be very nerve racking and  the last thing you should be thinking about is if your hair looks okay or your makeup.  Due to this we Cheerleaders spend countless hours doing our makeup and hair before a routine. Even though a routine lasts only two minutes and thirty seconds, we still aim for perfection.

It is very common among Cheerleaders to wear a ton of sparkles. Under the big spot lights we shine with all the glitter on us. Who doesn’t want to glow when they are on stage?

Another thing is Cheerleaders have to keep their hair up and in tight pony-tales because we do not want our hair catching under anyones hands or feet. This is why you see Cheerleaders with super high pony-tales with tight curls, to keep it out of the way while still looking fabulous.

If a Cheerleader looks good they truly believe that they will perform well and accomplish great things. Not because our looks mean everything but, because we can than worry about the more important things like the stunts and tumbling.

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