Why the bow? Well because our hair is so boring. We have to wear our hair in ponytails all the time so we do not get our hair stuck when tumbling or stunting. The bow has become the additional thing that has spiced up the look of our hairdos.

The bigger the bow the better. Bows have become a big part of cheerleading. Most teams are now getting team bows that coordinate with the team’s uniforms. Bows can be sparkled, rhinestoned, neon, poke-dotted, have the team’s name, quotes, just about anything you can think of can be seen on the bow. You can purchase these bows at competitions you attend or you can even make them yourself.

Bows are very special to cheerleaders. They  fancy us up and give us a more stylish look than just the regular ponytail at the top of your head.

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