The Stunt Group

Imagine the tightest friends you could ever have! A stunt group consists of four to five people and you spend every minute with them. You are constantly in each others bubbles that you have to become close because if there is tension within the stunt group it is just not going to work out. The flyer needs to be able to trust her group and if there is tension in the group and people don’t want to get close then the flyer will become nervous and the group dynamic will fall to pieces.

Within the stunt group there in two bases, one third, a flyer, and sometimes a front for extra support. In my stunt group we don’t have a front because I already have very strong bases and a third.

On every cheer squad each stunt group hopes to become centre stunt group. This means the group that gets picked to be centre gets to be centre of almost every part in the routine because you have the highest skill and can hit stunts regularly with barley any falls. I am proud to say on my cheer squad my sung group is centre. It took a lot of determination and skill to get us to where we are.

One thing people need to remember about there stunt group is that every one is equal. The flyer could only be in the air if her bases and third get her up there and the bases and third need a flyer to be able to do anything. Everyone has just as equal part in the stunt group. If you work well together and you are determined to be the best then you can achieve almost anything if you all put your heads together. The stunt group is a family and can achieve great things together as long as they choose to work together.

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