The Uniform

The uniform just like every other team out there represents your school colours and sometime the school’s mascot. In all-star cheer the teams don’t come from a school they come from a gym, so there uniforms represent the gym they come from.

Here at Thompson Rivers University you can see from the image above my uniform is black and orange with the letters TRU on the front of them. Thompson Rivers University’s colours are black and orange and our mascot is a wolf pack. On our track suits we have written on our backs, ” Thompson Rivers University Cheerleaders, We Back the Pack”. All the gear the team owns represents our school in some way.

In cheer the uniform in usually pretty small and doesn’t cover that much of the body. There is a resin for this. It is because the more the skin shown the easier it is to catch your flyer than if she were covered in material making her slippery. Also for when you are tumbling. It is not easy to flip yourself around when you have loose, baggy clothing, or are wearing full pants and a long sleeve. This is why cheer uniforms are small. Not because we are trying to show off or think we are groupies.

Cheerleaders get judged so fast on there appliance, but little did you know there is reason for almost everything we do. Us cheerleaders are trying so hard to break all the stereotypes but we can’t do it alone. We fight for your sport to be a recognized sport, our dignity, and respect, but will ever get it? Who knows? I hope now you understand why the makeup, with the big hair, and why the small uniforms. There are reasons you just have to ask or read my blog because my plan is to explain everything I can think of that we get stereotyped on.

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