We all know that in high school or university when we are on sports teams we don’t have a celebrity high schooler we look up to or a university celebrity we want to be. We usually look up to the major leagues, the Pros like Lebron James in basketball or David Beckham in soccer.

Well, in cheerleading we look up to all the girls we compete against or know from other teams around the world of all ages and levels of cheerleading. I find this to be one interesting thing about cheerleading when I came to this sport. In cheerleading it is different than all sports because of this, because we look up to our opponents not down on them. We cheerleaders admire others skills and dedication and hope that one day you or your team can achieve those things to. So what was that people were saying about cheerleaders? Oh, that we are stuck up, only care about ourselves, and have high attitudes? Well guess what your wrong if you say those things. We have sass which makes us feel strong and powerful that makes us look like we have big attitudes, but we never said we were out to kill another team or cheerleader.

Some famous cheerleaders that are the same age as me (twenty) and are on only a level or two high that are currently going to university in the states names are Jamie Andries, Gabi Butler, Chealsea Boleyn, and Matt Smith. These people are average young adults trying to make it in the world just like us but have become famous in the cheer world because of there amazing skills. These people can do almost every type of stunt, tumbling pass, have perfect jumps and skills. The got recognized through competitions and winning Worlds more than once. Worlds is the next step up from nationals, in other words the biggest competition a cheerleader can attend and the highest title you can take.

I hope I have made you realize that cheerleaders are so much different than what the stereotypes are. Cheerleaders do not only aim to be the best but they look up to everyone around them in the cheer world. Becoming a cheerleader is like joining a family that is linked from country to state to city to town. You create so many friends from so many places and meet coaches from all over who want you to succeed even if they are from another team.  Cheerleading makes a new term for sportsman like, we call each other family and work together even when we are competing. You always cheer on the team that is on the mat and hope for the best for everyone even if you want the win more than anything.

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