The Pyramid

In the routine that we use to compete with at cheerleading competitions there has to be a pyramid in it. The pyramid is usually constructed towards the end of the routine and its the last hurrah and image the judges and crowd remembers you by. Its like the signature of the routine. The pyramid is also a fantastic part of the routine because this is when all the stunt groups finally come together to work one big stunt.

In the pyramid there is flipping, spinning, dismounts, raises, lowering, skills being pulled, and motions. Now this is a lot to do in about four counts of eight. Its exhausting but do-able once you get fit enough and can learn to breath while being tossed around.

I will explain what my pyramid looks like and show you with two videos what parts of our pyramid looks like at the end. Firstly, we start by having all the stunt groups loaded into there groups and when the count hits five we the flyers get pressed up to extension. On one the flyers hit there first motions, third count the second motion, and fifth count the flyers attach arms getting ready for the next stunt. On seven two of the flyers drop down on to their backs in their stunt group, on three the flyers legs straighten to above there heads and on five six the bases and third toss their flyer in backward motion making the flyer do a backwards flip. On one the flyer is caught by her ankles and is pressed back up to extension. On five the  two flyers who got flipped get pressed down to elevator and the flyers who did not flip get pressed to extension. On one the flyers that are in extension lift one foot up turing the stunt into libs. Then finally on three two of the flyers do double downs and the other three flyers do a front walkover out of their groups. Lastly, we as a whole team then move to our spots to start are next section, the dance.

Now that was probably really confusing for those who have little knowledge about cheerleading. This is why I am going to upload some videos for you to help explain what all that meant. If you do have knowledge about cheerleading you would know this is a very easy pyramid and had little difficulty involved in it. But, as the year progresses you can change or create more difficulty as things start to hit fluently and the stunt group become more confidant.

Here is what the pyramid looks like:

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