Worlds. The word sounds big by itself. I mean it’s the world we are talking about. And why yes it has everything to do with cheerleading.   Worlds is an international competition that brings in teams from all over the world.

The best of the best come to Worlds to battle it out. Worlds happens twice a year and is held in DisneyLand. DisneyLand has become place that cheerleaders dream of. They wish every minute they could be there, not for the same reason all young kids want to go there, for the rides and disney characters. Cheerleaders want to go and be in DisneyLand because they know if they are there with there team than that means they are one hell of a team and down right amazing from where they come from. The teams that make it have to knock out all the other teams in there division around their area.

There is competitions all over the world that teams compete to hope to win a bid to worlds. Worlds is very expensive. These competitions give teams a chance to win all the money they need to get themselves to Worlds. To go to Worlds it costs each person on the team a minimum of twenty-five hundred dollars. Now thats a lot of money! I mean there is a maximum of twenty-four people on a team plus up to five or so coaches. Add all that together and your looking at a good couple grand and climbing. This is why teams work so hard to win a bid at the competitions that support Worlds.

The competition is filmed on TV everywhere like the Olympics, its just the majority of the population does not know much about it and doesn’t watch it. If you win Worlds you are awarded with leather jackets, metals, trophies, and rings. The rings are the most special award to the cheerleaders because it is the only competition that you receive something like that. To cheerleaders Worlds is the most important event out there and everyone is dying to go. Yet only level five and level six compete at Worlds. So every cheerleader pushes themselves to grow and to become better so that they can get on a level five or six team and get the chance to go.

Here is a video of a team competing at worlds to give you an idea of what it is like.

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