Jumping is just one part of the routine. Its exactly what it sounds like but with a little twist. It not just normal jumping up and down if thats what your thinking. It is when you set, jump and pull. There is skills to pull in everything you do in cheerleading.

To be a good jumper you need to be able to do all three splits, left, right and middle. Also, it helps to be able to jump high. The types of skills you can pull in your jump are: a pike, toe touch, herki, and a herdler. As usual I will show you what these are at the bottom in photographs.

When you land your jump you can also pull a skill out of them for example, a standing backhand spring, a back tuck, or a fullback tuck. These are only seen and down by cheerleaders from the higher levels starting at level four.

In the routine you need a series of jumps to get full points for this section. For an example of a series, in my routine we do two jumps back to back, which are called whips when you do more than one, they are straddler, toe touch. Then we transition and pull are second whip of toe touch, toe touch, toe touch. In the first sequece of jumps the girls in the front row land there second jump and then pull standing  backhand springs.

In cheer jumps are probably my least favourite just because jumping is hard on your knees and body, but also because my jumps are low. Once I improve my jump high I can see myself enjoying it a lot more because they will look nicer and I will feel better about them making me like jumps!

Toe Touch:








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