The Most Dangerous Sport

Surprised? Well guess what. Cheerleading has been announced as the most dangerous sport out there. I didn’t think so either but it is. Not wrestling or football or hockey but cheerleading. We may not try to punch other people out or body check people into the ground or into a wall but a flyer will come diving through the air at you. Instead of having to catch a ball or move out of the way of a flying  puck, you have to dive right under your flyer and brass her fall for her. Its either you risk severely hurting your flyer or even getting her killed.

As a the bases and third you must risk everything for your flyer as she is the one being thrown into the air at different feet. The flyer twists and flips and she needs to know her stunt group will be there to catch her so she doesn’t land on her ass.

A major factor in why cheerleaders get hurts so badly when they hit the ground is because most of the time the squad is performing on hard ground like, gym floors, concrete, grass, and the blue mat they usually perform on is also pretty darn hard itself. Cheerleaders do not get a very nice surface to fall on even when they are practising new and harder skills. Another factor to injuries is if your coaches are not up to pace with their training and experience.

Cheerleading is the most dangerous sport for women athletes and I know this because when you click into googles’ web browser cheerleading injuries the first think to pop up is that 66% of catastrophic injuries are from cheerleading.


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