The Music

Cheer music is very different from just music. In cheer music there is a combination of songs that can go into it. It is technical called a mix. As there is as many pieces of songs that can go into cheer music.

The thing that is very different about cheer music than normal mixes or music is that it can have voice overs. Voice overs is a person saying different things that get recorded over top the music. For example, in an all start cheers music a voice over in their music was, “we are the pink diamonds and we are here to shine”, or “small senior x is coming for you”. It can stay things like your team name or say things like “you better watch out for us cause we are going to bring it”. The voice over are to pump you up and scare the other cheer teams in a sassy way.

Another thing that is found in cheer music is sound effects. Sound effects can be like swishes, flicks, bangs, or anything you can think of. Sound effects are used to follow the cheer routine, so when flyer hit the top of there stunt a sound effect will sounds of a camera flash or a cha-ching. It gives the music a dramatic effect and catches your interest cause you know when there is a sound effect there is a hit. That just means the flyer hits a pose or there stunt.

See, cheer music is very different from your average radio song. I have provided the cheer music my team is using for our routine that we compete with, so you can get a sense of what cheer music is really all about.


Chants and Games

If you have ever been to a basketball or volleyball game at university it is very typical to hear cheerleaders on the sidelines yelling and cheering for the team.

When we are cheering we are usually chanting, which is when the cheer squad is all yelling the same thing at the same time. For example, on our squad one of our chants goes likes this, “Thompson Rivers, top of the stack, you know, we run with the wolfpack, wolfpack, wolfpack, wolfpack”. Not only do we chant this out but we also do motions with the chants to make it look a little more interesting.

When we aren’t doing are chanting we are just cheering for the team on the sidelines. When a timeout is called though, we go out on to the floor and stunt. We put up things like elevators, extensions, libs, and baskets. Baskets always seem to impress the crowd because that is when the flyer gets thrown into the air the highest and pulls cool tricks. Its always fun when my stunt group throws me up in a basket, because this one time I was cheering at a game and go put into basket I made eye contact with this little girl and as I got higher and higher her face lit up with amazement. It truly made me night that I could impress a little girl like that.

With chanting we excite our home team and help push them when they need it. Have you ever played a game and felt what it was like to play when an inter crowd was cheering for? If you have then you know what it feels like. It helps tremendously because you deep down you want to win for you and for all those people calling your name and school name.

Time Consuming Sport

I know every sport you need to practice at least three times a week, but in cheer it really does take a lot more than that. In basketball you learn a few plays and how to dribble a ball. In cheer you learn how to base, fly, third, tumble, jump, chant, and a routine. You don’t think that is physically possible in an hut practice three times a week do you?

There is so many components to cheer that you seriously need a lot more time than almost any other sport when practicing. Here at Thompson Rivers University we have three full team practices on tuesdays for two hours in the morning, thursdays for two hours, and on sundays for three hours. On top of set full team practices I attend an addition tumbling class for an hour once a week. Right there is eight hours a week. Now sometimes we go to a drop in night and work stunts with our stunt groups, which is another two hours of practice. The team here at the school is decent but we aren’t no cheerlebrity team where they practice twenty hours a week minimum.

An all star team has to practice about three times as much as my time if not more. Also, they pay more than double what I pay to be on the cheer squad. As you move to a bigger and better team the costs and the amount of time you practice increases.

Okay, so about eight hours of practice a week is what my team is usually doing but, then we also do volunteering as a team, fundraising events, and cheer on the other sports teams at the school. Now add that all together thats a lot. Sometimes I see my team members six days a week. And the safest part about that is that our school does not fund our team and doesn’t really care about the cheer squad. This makes all the time we put into cheer feel almost worthless because our own school doesn’t even notice us. Question. How are we suppose to put in countless hours to a sport that fully represents are school and feel good at the end of the year? We go unseen by the sports directors every year, no matter how much time we put into the sport.

High Costs of Cheer

Cheer is just like every other sport in that fact that you have to pay a fee to play. But, most people don’t realize that their is more than just that initial fee. Cheer is very expensive because you have to pay for coaches, tumbling coaches, and pay a rent fee at the gym your attending for cheer.

On top of all the fees you pay just for being on the team you also have to pay for a gym membership because you must be working out at least six days a week. Teams expect you to be fit.

The next cost that most teams do not play like cheer does is competition fees. Every time a basketball team plays a game they just play, they don’t have to sign wavers and pay a fee for every athlete that is on the floor. The costs at competition varies from competition to competition. This year my team had to pay an athlete fee of twenty dollars  per person who came on the mat at our first competition, but the second competition we are going to we have to pay eighty dollars per person.  Costs vary due to the size of competition or if the winning placing means a free ride to worlds.

You think thats all for costs? Nope. There is the cost of the uniform, which you either buy in full or pay a rental fee on them. Then there is the cost of additional tumbling practices that are sometimes required. Now thats a lot of bills a cheerleader has to pay. And don’t forget the amount of performance makeup you need and the crazy amount of hairspray you go through to keep your hair up.

Now add that all together and you have one very expensive sport. Yes, lots of other teams have many costs, but in cheer the costs seem endless.

The Team

I thought I would tell you guys a little bit about the team here at Thompson Rivers University. There has been many obstacles for us and to see how far we have come is huge.

This cheerleading squad has come so far in the past five years. The team was almost shut down due to the unsafeness in the techniques of the stunts. Today the team has passed that and we have gotten the proper skills and techniques to keep the squad going. Coaches from other teams have taken a notice in us and are proud of our team because we are the only level four team that is apart of a university and does volunteer work through the year on top of cheer.

This year we have had to climb over a couple of obstacles. The first challenge we faced was a guy on our team had to leave the team due to health reasons. Losing a guy on your team is a major obstacle because they bring so much strength to the team and can make a dramatic of a difference in lets say baskets.

Our second challenge has been a few girls quit. This is hard to overcome because once you have your routine in place those girls are set to there spot. If one person leaves a stunt group the stunts will not work. We have had to seek out there people to try and fill the spots. We eventually did fill the spots but during the time that we had holes in the routine (girls missing) it was very stressful for that stunt group who lost the person and for the team.

The third biggest obstacle our team has faced is cattiness. Yes, we are a team of twenty-one girls and two boys, and yes that many girls makes for a good combination of fighting. Dumb fights happen about  things like “I’m the best” or “wow she sucks”. I hate that this a part of being on a team with so many girls but we get over it eventually. The coaches most defiantly help keep the team on track and keep us focused to stop the girls from bickering.

Lastly, the next hardest part about being on a co-ed team is when relationships happen between the teammates. This causes so much irritation and drama for a team. It bound to happen, I mean you spend everyday with that guy or girl you are crushing on. We practice together three times a week and have other events going on.  Sometimes you will see the team five times a week. It is hard to be professional when your crushing all over a guy or girl. This is not always the best for a team.

All in all I would say we have accomplished many of our obstacles and have gotten this team to grow in a positive direction. With the improvement in coaching and the dedicated athletes that keep joining the team, this squad has the potential to go far.