High Costs of Cheer

Cheer is just like every other sport in that fact that you have to pay a fee to play. But, most people don’t realize that their is more than just that initial fee. Cheer is very expensive because you have to pay for coaches, tumbling coaches, and pay a rent fee at the gym your attending for cheer.

On top of all the fees you pay just for being on the team you also have to pay for a gym membership because you must be working out at least six days a week. Teams expect you to be fit.

The next cost that most teams do not play like cheer does is competition fees. Every time a basketball team plays a game they just play, they don’t have to sign wavers and pay a fee for every athlete that is on the floor. The costs at competition varies from competition to competition. This year my team had to pay an athlete fee of twenty dollars  per person who came on the mat at our first competition, but the second competition we are going to we have to pay eighty dollars per person.  Costs vary due to the size of competition or if the winning placing means a free ride to worlds.

You think thats all for costs? Nope. There is the cost of the uniform, which you either buy in full or pay a rental fee on them. Then there is the cost of additional tumbling practices that are sometimes required. Now thats a lot of bills a cheerleader has to pay. And don’t forget the amount of performance makeup you need and the crazy amount of hairspray you go through to keep your hair up.

Now add that all together and you have one very expensive sport. Yes, lots of other teams have many costs, but in cheer the costs seem endless.

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