Chants and Games

If you have ever been to a basketball or volleyball game at university it is very typical to hear cheerleaders on the sidelines yelling and cheering for the team.

When we are cheering we are usually chanting, which is when the cheer squad is all yelling the same thing at the same time. For example, on our squad one of our chants goes likes this, “Thompson Rivers, top of the stack, you know, we run with the wolfpack, wolfpack, wolfpack, wolfpack”. Not only do we chant this out but we also do motions with the chants to make it look a little more interesting.

When we aren’t doing are chanting we are just cheering for the team on the sidelines. When a timeout is called though, we go out on to the floor and stunt. We put up things like elevators, extensions, libs, and baskets. Baskets always seem to impress the crowd because that is when the flyer gets thrown into the air the highest and pulls cool tricks. Its always fun when my stunt group throws me up in a basket, because this one time I was cheering at a game and go put into basket I made eye contact with this little girl and as I got higher and higher her face lit up with amazement. It truly made me night that I could impress a little girl like that.

With chanting we excite our home team and help push them when they need it. Have you ever played a game and felt what it was like to play when an inter crowd was cheering for? If you have then you know what it feels like. It helps tremendously because you deep down you want to win for you and for all those people calling your name and school name.

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