The Music

Cheer music is very different from just music. In cheer music there is a combination of songs that can go into it. It is technical called a mix. As there is as many pieces of songs that can go into cheer music.

The thing that is very different about cheer music than normal mixes or music is that it can have voice overs. Voice overs is a person saying different things that get recorded over top the music. For example, in an all start cheers music a voice over in their music was, “we are the pink diamonds and we are here to shine”, or “small senior x is coming for you”. It can stay things like your team name or say things like “you better watch out for us cause we are going to bring it”. The voice over are to pump you up and scare the other cheer teams in a sassy way.

Another thing that is found in cheer music is sound effects. Sound effects can be like swishes, flicks, bangs, or anything you can think of. Sound effects are used to follow the cheer routine, so when flyer hit the top of there stunt a sound effect will sounds of a camera flash or a cha-ching. It gives the music a dramatic effect and catches your interest cause you know when there is a sound effect there is a hit. That just means the flyer hits a pose or there stunt.

See, cheer music is very different from your average radio song. I have provided the cheer music my team is using for our routine that we compete with, so you can get a sense of what cheer music is really all about.


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