Partner Stunting

Interested in trying to stunt with only one person lifting you? Instead of your regular three man stunt group? Well if your ready for the challenge then let me explain what exactly must happen to complete the challenge.

Partner stunning is a two man team. You have a flyer and usually a third, or anyone who has a lot of strength. Partner stunting demands you to being strong and controlled.

In a partner stunt the base or third lifts or throws the flyer into the air and catches her in his or her hands. The flyer must stay incredible tight, squeezing every muscle in her body to stay stiff like a pencil. If the flyer buckles a knee or becomes loose, you will fall out of the air. It is very hard to control a flyer from the ground if they are not tight. The third or base controls all the movements of the flyer by controlling the angle of her foot.

There a lots of different stunts and skills that can happen in a partner stunt. I will show you at the end in a video of my partner and I doing a toss to hands. In partner stunning you can be on one foot or both. You can also pull your skills ,like you do in your regular stunt group, like a heel stretch or scorp.  The third or base can also life you to the high level, called extension. This is when the third or base’s arms are fully extended above there head (this is demonstrated in the video at the end as well).

Partner stunting catches the crowds eye in amazement. Fans that come out to our games or judges at a competition are usually most excited for the partner stunt part of the routine. I hope it amazes you as well.

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