Choreograph Weekend

Choreograph weekend feels like the longest weekend ever. It consists of countless hours marking out a routine.  Count by count we put a routine together that last two and half minutes. You wouldn’t think making a routine that lasts only two and half minutes long would take that long to create but it took my teams eight hours just to get the transitions right.

Our team was lucky enough to get the coaches from Kelowna’s Okanogan Fire Storm’s team to come to Kamloops and create a routine for us. It costs a lot of money to get other coaches to conduct a routine for you but when just so happen to be close friends with other coaches it comes in handy.

Choreograph weekend consists of having a lot of patients. I mean think about it, a coach is telling you “Okay on one you do this motion, on two you do this motion, on three you move here, on four you load, on five your up, on six you hit, on seven you pull, on eight you cradle”. Now there is a lot of eight counts in two and a half minutes and you cannot forget the counts. I mean if you forgot you were suppose to switch legs on three and didn’t do anything your bases would be trying to move you and all you would do is fall because you forgot to switch. It is so important that everyone remembers there counts because people can easily get hurt if your are trying to do something different then what the rest of your stunt group is doing.

It is a big relief at the end of the weekend when you finally have the rough draft of the routine done. It feels quite amazing. All the practices after the choreograph weekend consist of braking down the routine into parts and building up each thing.

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