Sea to Sky

Here in Kamloops the Thompson Rivers University Wolfpack Cheerleading team dedicates their training and hard work to Sea to Sky because it is our biggest competition we attend.

Sea to Sky is an international competition that takes place in Vancouver and is held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Teams from all over the place come and compete at different levels. This competition you can compete as a team, as a stunt group, or as an individual. All six levels of cheerleading come to this competition.  It is a two day competition, which means you get two chances. The judges take half the marks from the first day and half the marks from the second day which then equals your total score.

Sea to Sky is the end of our season as playoffs is for soccer or basketball. It is a sad time since you know now that you have to wait five months before starting up again. Sea to Sky is an amazing experience. You meet tons of cheerleaders, girls and guys who are incredible. Around the whole arena there are booths lines up selling bows, clothing, shoes, and many more cheer items.

The performance stage is this the biggest stage we hit all season. It is light up and you are under spot lights, with a massive crowd watching you. Very intimidating I know, but that is just more thing about cheer, performing. To be a good performer you must have faith in what you do and to not let the crowd and lights get to your head.

There is two weeks until my team hits the road to Sea to Sky and things are getting stressful in practice. Everything about our routine must be perfect. Stunt must look sharp, facials must look fierce, and tumbling must hit perfectly with one another. It is clean up week for the team. Every hand motion, every smile, everything we do must be sharp and clean for the judges to score us high.

All our team can do now is hope and prey that everything will hit perfectly. I hope I have well explained what we cheerleaders do and what it looks like by my numerous photos and videos. I hope to have a video of our performance at Sea to Sky up in two weeks!!!

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