Who dosen’t want to fly? I think almost ever single person out there has once dreamed of what it would be like to fly. I myself get to fly and sore through the air every time my cheer group gets together. I can tell you this, flying is the most amazing experience ever. The rush you feel in your stomach as you reach new hights or the adrenaline you feel when you flip and turn in mid air is like nothing you’ve felt before.

Having the flying position in cheer is like being the quarterback in football, centre fielder in soccer, or the the point guard in basketball. You have a huge job to with hold on your team. In cheer the flyer is under the spot light at all times.

Getting to fly you must be very flexible and strong, there is no weight or size requirement, only that you can be able to keep yourself up there and be stable. You should be able to do the splits on both sides so that when your in the air it doesn’t matter what leg your standing on you can lift either leg up into a heel stretch.

Types of pulls a flyer should be able to do are: heel stretches on both legs, a scorp, an arabesque, and have a goal of a needle. Other things the flyer must be able to do is full and double down. This means the flyer can do one to two spins in the air while she is falling back into her group. Also, the flyer must also be able to do a basket. This is when the flyer gets the most hight from being thrown into the air. While the flyer reacher the peak of the hight she must pull one to three skills in mid air like, pike star, or pike peter, or double down.

Do you think you got what it takes to fly? Theres more to flying than just free floating and being relaxed. It can be a very scary thing being shot fifteen feet in the air and hoping that your stunt group catches you. You must have a lot of trust and faith over fear.

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