Baskets are the funnest part of cheer as a flyer. You feel like your on a ride at a fair. The amount of hight you can get and the feeling of free falling back into group has got be the best feeling ever, for some people. Some flyers absolutely hate flying in baskets because it freaks them out being that high in the air.

When flying in a basket you must be extremely tight, meaning you have to keep all your muscles tight. Also, make sure you keep your legs and arms tucked into your sides. If you start to flail in the air you could easily come down and hurt someone who is trying to catch you. Injuries occur quite of often when practicing baskets because it is very common for the flyer to get spooked. If the flyer comes down and their group fails to catch her you can cause extremely bad injuries or even death.

I myself love to fly in the baskets, but yes I have been freaked out a couple of times. You have to always make sure when you load into a basket launch that your feet are properly on your bases hands to when they toss you up you go straight up not backwards or forwards or else you group under you is going to have to run and catch you.

There are also skills that can be pulled in a baskets just like in a normal stunt. There is pike peters, pike stars, fills, double downs, ball stars, back tucks, and layout fulls. All these skills are seen at the different levels. Some of the skills I just mentioned are only possible if the group throwing you can toss you high enough to be able to pull these skills. The stronger the base group the high you can the more skills you can pull. I get to be only lucky flyer because my girls under me are the strongest on my team and get some extreme hight. I am talking about at lease fifteen feet in the air. Now you can see how that can be dangerous!

Here are a couple photos and a video to show you some of the baskets that I have done.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.49.28 AM

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